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helena-oftroy said: 1, 16, 18

1. Name, age, and favorite food

16. Favorite line from a TV show

18. Read the tags from one of your posts


daniel radcliffe could have grown up to be so so awful, it would have been so easy for him to be terrible, we are truly blessed to have the danrad that we have

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send me a number and i’ll answer with a vocaroo

  1. say your name, age and favorite food
  2. sing your all-time favorite song
  3. try to rap
  4. message to one of your biases
  5. read a line from your favorite fanfic/book
  6. say the word _____
  7. say something in another language (besides english)
  8. message to your followers
  9. talk about your day
  10. what would you do if _____
  11. sing a random song
  12. sing your favorite girl-group song
  13. sing your favorite boy-group song
  14. voice impersonation
  15. tell a joke
  16. favorite line from a tv series
  17. favorite line from a movie
  18. read the tags from one of your posts
  19. say a cuss word (or a lot idk up to you)
  20. comment on ____’s blog

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DAN: When you do interviews, you’re faced with the choice to either be the most boring person on earth or just get ridiculous things written about you from time to time
JOSH HOROWITZ: Sometimes it might be good to be boring
DAN: It might be but I just get bored of myself

                                [Happy 25th Birthday Daniel Radcliffe! (23 July 1989)]

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Josh Gad’s daughter is possessed by Frozen!

[ Part 1 / Part 2 ]

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Hillary Clinton, in response to a tweet from Amy Poehler (x).

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Bears Doing Human Things [via]

Previously: Before and After Pictures of Animals Growing Up

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I’m ready to go

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I’ve declined commenting on this, because the details were elusive and conflicting and I didn’t want to spread rumors, but I will say: I am incredibly disappointed that the Women’s Project, dedicated to presenting works written and directed by women for over 30 years, now has a board made of two women and four men.

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go into a starbucks in NYC and say very loudly into your phone “this movie script is stale and trite! we need some new talent, someone with a fresh outlook” and wait

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